What is Mind Body Integration™?

Lisa Carchedi, MD, MS C-IAYT  Mind Body Integration™ Yoga Therapy incorporates some or all of the tools of yoga—for example, breathing, postures, meditation—to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Unlike a general yoga class, yoga therapy is done in a private setting and based on a personalized intake session. Combining the benefits of talk therapy with movement, yoga therapy at Mind Body Integration is an…

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Diabetes and Yoga

Lisa Carchedi, MD, MS C-IAYT Congratulations on taking a positive step toward better management of your diabetes by doing yoga! Diabetes mellitus is a disorder characterized by high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) caused by deficient insulin secretion, action, or both. Hyperglycemia alerts the pancreas to release insulin which acts as a type of “key” to allow glucose to enter the cells. Without insulin, glucose remains in…

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